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melissa averinos

May 1, 2010


I got those bright bangles for a dollar each at a yard sale. Don't they just look yummy all together like that?

Sometimes when I miss you but I don't know what to write about, I just start by grabbing some pictures and seeing what develops from that. This is one of those times. (Last night when I was tossing and turning till 3 am, I had plenty to write about! Too bad I had left my laptop at the shop!)

One of the mannequins in the studio:

Her shirt is just a quilt top that I scored at a yard sale tied around her torso. I had a Brownie troop coming over a few months ago so I threw it on the mannequin so she wouldn't be nekkid for their visit. I had chatted with a new customer at length one day in December and she asked if she could bring her troop in to meet me, ask questions and hang out in the studio. I was nervous--- you know much it freaks me out to speak in front of people!

They came over in February. They loved the shop--- I think because it is such a different environment from what they are used to. They poked around for a while, taking it in and then we all settled into the studio.

(love this pile of necklaces! Made the giant clay beads when I was in high schooland the crystal/gem necklaces a few years ago )

We  sat around the tables and talked about art and sewing and fabric and writing the book. They looked around at all my wacky stuff and asked questions.  I relaxed after we got started and it ended up being super fun.

About a week later, Judy the troop leader emailed me the most amazing note that even months later makes my heart burst with happiness:

THANKS AGAIN for the wonderful day at Yummy Goods. I met with the girls yesterday and all they talked about is you and your shop! I will share one girls view: "I liked how she just listened to us...she didn't try to interrupt us...she really cared about what we had to say....we are not use to that!" You made a really important and meaningful impression on them!!!!

I hope you don't think I'm a jerk for sharing that. You know, like I'm bragging or something! It just means so much to me that of all things they might have said, that is what stuck- that I listened to them. Wow. These 4th grade girls liked me? And remembered me? That feels incredible.

Now, my fiends. It's your turn.

Tell me something really awesome that someone said about you.

You know, one of those little unexpected bits of validation or appreciation that make you feel like you actually are that person that you want to be.

Don't be shy, I want to know.

Remember: You = Awesome.

xo, melissa

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