375: me and mes cheveux

melissa averinos

April 23, 2010

That post title is supposed to sound like Me and My Shadow.

Does it?

(Mes cheveux means my hair. En Francais, mais bien sur.)

Yeah, so anyways I was pawing through some old photos the other day and came across a bunch of me with long hair. Now that I have supershort-superblonde hair, it's hard for me to even imagine having long brown hair again! But that's how I was most of my life. I cut it to a mid-neck length once or twice after i got out of high school, but otherwise it was long up until a few years ago.

I had always hated my hair. I have a crazy cowlick right in the front which would never let me have bangs to cover up my giant forehead (so big it's really a fivehead). My tresses were thin and stringy and split-endy and frizzy and did i mention I hated my hair?

Here I am in high school. The one on the left was 11th grade, the one on the right was 12th (hair dyed reddish with henna)

Now, I will admit, my hair looks somewhat nice (for my hair, anyways) in these pictures, but it usually didn't look that good. Most days were Bad Hair Days. I'm only showing you the pictures I like, of course. And you can see, I've always had the dark circles under my eyes. >sigh<

More from high school, both 12th grade, I think:

(Katie, remember that dress?!)

These are from later:

In the one on the left I was probably 23 or so. That starry fabric is actually a sarong that I like to wear as a scarf--- still do! On the right I am somewhere in New York city, so that would have been 2002, 28 years old. I just loved that tree being filled in with cement blocks. Looked like some kind of odd  shrine to me, and when I sat there I just naturally assumed a meditative pose! I was in the city to provide moral support to my friend Sue because she was doing an appearance on Good Morning America ! ( there is a picture of me and sue and our old group of girlfriends in her header!)

Eventually my confidence grew and I didn't feel I needed my hair as security anymore, and gradually started cutting more and more off. I love having my hair this short- it always looks 'done' and I don't have to do a thing to it. When it gets long enough that it can get messed up when I sleep, then it's too long. Out come the clippers, and I shear it down to my usual 3/8"!

And I like how my cowlick looks now, with my short hair, it's a little spiral that people always comment on.

I tell them it's my unicorn horn. 



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