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melissa averinos

April 15, 2010

Spent most of the day painting, which makes me so happy.

Here's one (in progress!) that I started last week:

I can't believe I get to have a solo show!

The opening is Friday, June 18 at the Centerville Historical Museum.  You should totally come.


In other news, I am still obsessed with Jane Eyre. So here is some more Bronte-Along action for you.

Wide Sargasso Sea was published in the sixties and is a kind of "prequel" to Jane Eyre. But not really, I don't think. I mean, it is the story of Bertha, Rochester's mad wife, and their marriage before she ends up in the tower. But I just take it as another story that has some of the same characters.


I do like recognizing references to Jane Eyre which makes it kind of fun to read. But in general, this book is depressing as hell.

I liked this quote, though:

"Woman must have spunks to live in this wicked world."

I watched two film adaptations, both of which were pretty steamy.

This one is from 2006:

Unfortunately, the 2 main characters are not very appealing to me, so it wasn't as great as it could have been.

Wait, what?


Not appealling? I know, right?

That's what I mean. It's not the Rochester we know and love.

(Dammit. I've said "I know, right?" jokingly making fun of that phrase so many times that I now actually use it! That's what happened with "dude" too. >sigh

This one is from the early nineties:

I read The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte, which I loved. It's written in the style of a novel (well, more like a diary, obviously) but is a well researched dramatization of Charlotte Bronte's life.

It lists anything in the back that is fiction, which really is not much! I wish people would write more books like this! I have such a hard time slogging through anything historical or biographical, but when written in this way it is just a pleasure to read!

And with a similar title, but definitely fictional, is The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte- by Laura Joh Rowland which I am still reading.

I like it a lot! (Ooooh! A sequel comes out in May! Bedlam: Further Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte!)

And since I am reading everything I can find that is Jane Eyre-related, I read   Adele: Jane Eyre's Hidden Story.

Don't bother. I liked the first half. By the middle I was confused and the last quarter was ridiculous. It made me mad.

And of course I am listening to Jane Eyre : The Musical soundtrack.

I am determined to get someone to stage this on the Cape! I am dying to see it!

Ok, that's all the Jane I got today.


The Bronte-Along will soon be moving on to Wuthering Heights by Charlotte Bronte's sister Emily. Gather your materials and lets get ready to hang with Cathy and Heathcliff! We won't be spending as much time with them as we have with Jane and Rochester, though. Wuthering Heights is pretty depressing, as it turns out. And it doesn't have Rochester, so, you know. There's that.

I won't be able to leave him behind, so I will keep blogging JE at even while we are covering Wuthering Heights.

Wooo, Bronte-Along! If you haven't joined in the fun, you really should. Seriously.






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