364: Bronte-Along! Jane Eyre

melissa averinos

March 10, 2010

Let the swooning begin!

Beth Dunn and I present the  Bronte-Along ! (Check out that link for all the info about how this will work.)

If you wish to join (you will, won't you?) follow the directions you find there and come back to this page to add your link below so we can all follow each other! It's gonna be so fun!

First up: Jane Eyre, of course!


I made these adorable Jane and Rochester birdies for Beth's new blog: An Accomplished Young Lady. (I did all of the art on the site - check it out!)

I have still been doing a bunch of Jane paintings (will show later in the week) and am thinking of some other projects, too! I wonder what we will all come up with?? Can't wait to see!

I encourage you to add your pictures to the flickr pool, become a member of the bronte-along facebook group  and follow @brontealong on  twitter!

Oh, oh, oh!! Great news: Over the weekend, I discovered that the Masterpiece Theatre 2006 film version is available on youtube! Here, you can watch it RIGHT NOW!

 I am so excited! Add your link below so we can all see what everyone is doing!

***Please make it a link to a specific post about this project! That way if someone happens upon this a year from now, they will be taken to the posts about the project, rather than the front page of your blog. ***




*****Updated to add these resources!*****

Jane Eyre is free to read online here.

Free Jane Eyre audio recording podcast here. (or type  'Librivox Jane Eyre' into the itunes store search window)




When you do more than your original Jane Eyre post, go back to that original post of yours and add links to your own other posts. That way, if someone wants to see all that you have posted about each book, the link above will take them right to i t! Ok?


We are so psyched that so many people have joined in! Thank you!

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