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melissa averinos

March 2, 2010

I watched Jane Eyre two times in a row yesterday, painting and drawing Jane and Mr. Rochester the whole time.


That's normal, isn't it?

Though obviously influenced by the actors (especially in Edward's case) I tried not to make them look too much alike.

Oh, Mr. Rochester!

I was psyched that so many of you responded to the post about my obsession! I am watching it again right now (if you are keeping track, that is the fourth time since Friday.)

Stuart came in to the room as I finished drawing these two portraits and he was all, Woah!


He said, "You don't usually draw like this!"

No, I don't usually draw like this. I prefer my quirky illustration style to more realistic sketching and trying to capture a likeness. But it is fun once in a while, if inspired.

After completing those, I moved on to some folk art type of painting:

Some more Jane... Oh, wait... Thor wanted to say hello:

 Ok, now more Jane:

I love this one, which is tiny and just kind of spontaneously happened when I wasn't paying much attention:

Closer, now:

And now I just let myself get as wacky as I like:

It is so much fun to experience the characters in my own way like this!

I think I am going to have to indulge in a bunch of paintings of all of the main characters of my future obsessions!

I was emailing with my friend Lucy (the director of a local library!) and in response to my obsession, she wrote, "I think overdosing on Jane Eyre is a sign of true mental health. "




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