359: obsessed

melissa averinos

March 1, 2010


I have beome wholeheartedly obsessed with Jane Eyre.

Or is it Mr. Rochester that I am really obsessed with?

(smoulder, smoulder.)

Friday night, Beth came over and we watched (in one sitting!) the Masterpiece Theatre 2006 version of Jane Eyre. Beth owns many of the costume drama BBC productions  and this is her favorite. She is indoctrinating me and I am more than willing.


After hardly sleeping Friday night, (toss! turn! brooding! tension! cravats!) I went to the library Saturday morning to pick up the book, which I had never read. I actually can't think of any classics that I have read, can you believe it? I hold up my end of an intelligent conversation ok,  but well-read I am not.

Since Friday night, I feel the urge to rectify that situation! Had I known  that the classics were so... um.... juicy, I might have read them sooner. Or at the very least watched the BBC versions so I could  swoon over the dashing men (oh yeah, and learn the story.)

Did I mention swooning?

Totally. Swoon. Worthy.

Back to Jane. I started the book Saturday afternoon, and finished it Sunday afternoon. I devoured that thing. And I have since put on hold at the library every film version I could find.

Once I fully exhaust every Jane Eyre resource my library system offers, I will move on to Wuthering Heights. I figure I will start with the Brontes and move on to Austen from there.

Anyone wanna join me? I hope you will. It would be fun! If you don't feel up to the reading part, at least watch this film version of J.E., please? I bet your library has it.

Hmmm, I may just have to do a series of portraits of the characters.

Um, so yeah. That's what's on my mind lately.



p.s. i intentionally avoided calling you Reader.

p.p.s. i am guest writing for  a design blog this week! Back with details tomorrow!


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