356:weird apples and new trees

melissa averinos

February 17, 2010

I bought this apple just so I could show you, is that weird?

I was picking out some Grannysmiths at the store the other day when I saw this one with no indent at the stem. Isn't it strange looking?!

That's all. Just thought you might like to see this weird apple.

I did eat it after I photographed it.

I wonder if I'm the only one who does this: I will only buy apples that have stems. They are unappealing to me if the stem has fallen out. My favorite is when they have stems with a leaf still attached. Fascinating, I'm sure.


I have spent the last couple of days painting a ton which makes me so happy. I have about 20 paintings going!

I took a few shots tonight, but the lighting isn't great. (see below) I'll take better pics when they are all finished.

I don't set out with a certain thing in mind to paint,  usually. When I am doing personal work, I just start slapping paint down on the surface and see what emerges over time. It is experimental and intuitive and sometimes frustrating because sometimes, well... what comes out is not that great! But I have to do some work that isn't great to get to the good stuff, to get into a groove, to let things flow and let something new emerge.

I go through phases in my artwork when I can only paint or draw one thing, until I finally do it so much that something else can find its way out! In the early 90's it was voluptuous goddess-y motifs. More recently it was pod-type flowers followed by house shapes. Then one house in particular, my house from childhood. (You may remember I did a bunch of those last year.)

(disclaimer: the lighting of these photos is terrible! the paintings really do look much better in real life.)

Here's one from this week:

I was working on some of these houses yesterday, when all of a sudden a new thing made its way to the surface:  A new style of trees that I am really excited about!

It started with this tree to the left of the house:

I just loved how it came out and started playing around with more.

Here are some with another house:

If you've been visiting the blog for a while, you may recognize the above steps and the texture to the right of them from this painting called Forty Steps. (That is where Stuart proposed to me last year, that's why there are those congratulations comments on that post!)

Here is another of the 40 steps from this week:

A big row of smaller paintings of  trees ( and now they are turning into some flower silhouettes):

And some larger trees:

So, that's what I've been up to this week!

And watching American Idol, to Stuart's chagrin.

And daydreaming about vacation. (4 weeks till Key West!)



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