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melissa averinos

February 9, 2010


You are not even going to believe the outrageously beautiful and delicate things that Beth Dunn knitted for me!

I had my eyes closed and my hands cupped to receive, when she placed the lightest, smallest bit of knitting into my palms...

Hmmm. What could this be? Too light for socks. (omg, did I ever show you the socks she knitted for me??)

Oh, wow.

Ahhhhhh!!!! Lovely lacey covers for my little paws!

Look at this detail!

They are a deep navy color, knitted with size zero needles from some lace-weight fancypants wool yarn (malabrigo). Beth is kind of a yarn snob (compliment!), which works out for me quite nicely :o)

They are so great, aren't they?!

(((Thanks, Beth, you knitting superstar.)))

No, I still haven't gotten my engagement ring sized! I am working on losing the Book Weight first, otherwise it will have to get sized twice!

And yes, I actually am eating well... been a whole month now! I am using the LoseIt app for my hand-me-down ipod Touch. It's basically just a calorie counter, but I really like it. I like the gadgety aspect which makes it kind of  like a game. It is helping me to be more reasonable about what I eat! And yes, I have actually lost a few pounds.

I am managing to work out once or twice a week for now. Diet is always the hardest part for me, so I am ok with waiting on the exercise for now while I really get comfortable with eating better after several months of a free-for-all!

For me, getting in enough water (ok, ANY water) has always been a struggle... turns out, there actually is an app for that. I have been using Water Your Body app for 3 weeks and now I drink 8-9 cups a day! Of course, the apps aren't magic or anything, you have to actually do the stuff you're s'posed to do, but the keeping track is what makes it kind of fun and interesting and, well, it's turning into a habit!

Are you eating well or trying to lose weight or get into some healthy habits? If so, what is keeping you on track and motivating you?

If you tried at the begining of the year but have fallen off the wagon, you can always re-commit!

I tend to shy away from talking about weight loss because, well, I hate to be so typical! But weight and food have always been an issue and probably always will be for me. (I have talked about the food issue, but not really weight.) And I know that so many other women struggle with this too, so let's just talk about it, ok? I even almost didn't share about those apps, but I thought I would just experiment with being open about it and see how it feels. Ok? Are you with me?



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