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melissa averinos

December 16, 2009

yay! thank you so much for all the book love, wow!

Just a little bit about Small Stash Sewing: The projects I've created are a way to use your precious designer fat quarters, without being a fat-quarter-only book, if you know what I mean!

The idea was: oooh how can I feature this little morsel of fabric that I love so much? So, yes...I have made up 24 projects that feature fat quarters... and sometimes something else!  You know me, I'm not one to stick rigidly to a prescribed format!

So, some projects use more than one fat quarter (or less than one!), some use different kinds of fabric in addition to the cotton quilting fabric. Let's be honest, if you are hoarding fat quarters, you probably have some muslin hanging around or maybe a yard or two of a print you got supercheap, that sort of thing.

(((Small Stash Sewing will be available in May of 2010!)))


I have been so excited to finally share the book cover with you I am thrilled by your enthusiastic response. In thanks, I present to you a free pattern from Small Stash Sewing, the scarf from the cover!

And just in time for some last minute holiday crafting!

I'm psyched that this project is the one I get to share because it totally exemplifies my style: both my personal sense of style and the way I like to sew.

Remember when I went to Quilt Market last fall and I made myself this scarf to wear?

That was the inspiration for this piece.

This is a quick project, so I hope you'll take the time to make some of these for gifts and post your pics  to the Small Stash Sewing flickr pool!

Also? Isn't my friend Shelly gorgeous?

I am a little nervous... did you know that this is the  first time I have offered a pattern/tutorial?

Please be gentle! 

Ok, click the picture to download the free Silk Scarf pattern from Small Stash Sewing!

Hey, we have  a correction already, thanks to an astute reader named Emily:

In the file supplies list it states 1/8 yard of silk, but you really need 1/4 yard!

(thanks emily!)

Note: I used dupioni silk (will add to the pattern in the final edit!) , but if you don't feel like going out to get some, try fleece for a more cozy number or maybe linen if you have some laying around! Let me know how it works.

(We are still in the editing phase, so if you find a glitch, email me instead of cursing me, ok? Also? The file might be kind of huge, so please be patient when downloading. also? special thanks to the people at Wiley who are awesome beyond belief!)



ps omg! yay!

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