343: halloweenie stills

melissa averinos

October 28, 2009

I do so hope that you enjoyed Episode Four of Unicorn Stories: Halloweeen Dream!

I loved making the backgrounds. This one was painted right over the ocean scene from the third episode:

Of course, the ocean scene was painted right on top of the woodsy scene from episode two.


I don't think you could really see it all in the film, but the characters changed expressions once they were scared by the candy-corn-fang sportin' unicorn. You know, in the dream sequence? Tee hee, dream sequence.

This is what they looked like first:

 And this is the whole cast with their scared faces on:

Beth and I  are super-fond of the cloud's distressed look.

We always love doing the little closing credit bit where we just have the characters goofing off on the backgrounds:

Silly jack-o-lantern, nomming on candy corn.

Love this background, too:

And the pink owl.

Ok, fine.  I can't help it: I love it all!

Oh yeah, this bit didn't make it into the final edit, since we know a lot of kids watch the series:

We didn't want you to have to explain to your kids what WTF meant.

Aren't we thoughtful?






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