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melissa averinos

September 8, 2009

Well, hey. I've missed you.

I have been working like crazy on the book and I am so thrilled that it is almost done!

In addition to working like crazy, I have also been, surprise, eating like crazy. To the tune of several pounds gained. Which leaves me cranky and not feeling very cute. 

But, the end is in sight. With the wrapping up of the book on the horizon, I will be getting back to some healthy habits. That's the plan anyways. I know, I know. I always say that.  I suppose I will always struggle with eating/weight/body image issues.


 I just had a piece of Key Lime Pie.

Oh, and thanks to me and my bright ideas, some girlfriends and I are signed up to run a marathon as a relay in, like, 3 weeks. And I haven't been out for a run since June. Good times.

Oh, jeez. Enough of that stuff.

Look at this awesomeness:

I wish they were mine, but they belong to Original Cindy. ( I was calling her Old Cindy, since there is a New Cindy, but Stuart was like: You can't call her 'OLD Cindy, Extra Crispy'! So now I say 'Original Cindy'. Like Original Recipe, only better.)

So, yeah. These amazing boxes belong to Original Cindy, who I visited the other day.

 Oh, swoon:

mmmmm, Cindy's angel:

Um, kinda racking my brain to think of anything I've been up to that might be even mildly interesting.

Um, Watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. I enjoyed it, but the first 20 minutes were kind of annoying, with Amy Adams (who I like) acting like a frenzied Muppet ( I also like Muppets.)

I saw Bright Star (oh my god, swoon) at this theater that  I love, Cape Cinema. That movie was absolutely perfect. The opening scene was delicious cello music and a closeup of one of the main characters doing some hand sewing. I was all, Awwwww, yeah.

And to see that movie at that theater?


Before the film started, I did what I always do when I go to that theater. I leaned my head back on the white seat covers (which I learned from my date, Beth, are called antimacassars) and stared at the ceiling, which is a giant  celestial mural by Rockwell Kent. Ahhhh.

Pumpkins and gaura at O.C.'s:

I had been wanting to write to you over the last month, but all I had to offer was more anonymous unicorn mail, and I figured you were pretty much unicorned-out.

Cindy's Satyr:

What have you been up to?




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