331: golden threads and fireflies

melissa averinos

August 3, 2009

hey, babes.

Just taking a little break from my chronic studio-rearranging-cleaning-organizing-messing up to say hello.

Who doesn't love wooden spools of thread? Grouped by color, even better.

The studio has gone through so many stages since it was featured in the magazine. I am just now feeling like I am getting it to where I want it to be, utilitarian and cute. Not just one or the other. I will take some pics in a couple of weeks when I have the cute part  a little bit more in place!

Also, I am planning on doing a video tour of the studio and shop, so stay tuned for that! ( you know, someday!)

I've had this tiny doll for a while now. I think I picked it up at an estate sale.

I love it. The worn face, the broken leg, the tattered clothes... Why am I attracted to things like this ? I think I must see myself in them. 

See how tiny she is:

Ah, my odd little collections.

......I was on the phone with a dear friend last night, in the dark outside throwing the ball for Riley The Tireless. Fireflies everywhere. Magic.

......We dvr'd that new show Warehouse 13 (careful, video automatically plays on that link). It's pretty cute! I was on the fence for most of the premier episode, but by the middle of the second one I was charmed.

.....Psyched that 500 Days of Summer  (link: music plays) is out. Maybe I'll see it this  weekend.

......Listening to Gillian Welch a bunch.

How is your summer going?

It is the end of July now. I haven't even been swimming yet, sigh.







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