327: paint and salad

melissa averinos

July 13, 2009

Been painting quite a bit lately, which has been just wonderful.

The boards with the angled tops are pieces that I found at an estate sale, all finished like that - with hangers on the back, painted black with a metallic silver finish. I love painting on them because the wood grain is so pronounced.

Working on a series of houses. One house in particular, actually.

These cloud shapes have been bubbling up in my work for the last few years. I love them.

I love how these paintings are coming out. And I am actually finishing them! That never happens.

Here's a little bit of one I'm still working on (on canvas):

And this one, whose colors make me swoon:

It's better in person, the pinks behind that blue... yum.


In the last couple of years, I have reconnected with a few old friends from high school. Had a couple of them over to the studio for dinner the other night. What better excuse to pick my first bouquet of the season?

Tiger lilies, yum. And bee balm (the red one)--- I love how it smells. Nummy nums. And does anyone not love daisies?

Katie came in with a basket full of brownies and wine (and glasses!)---perfection in a basket, if you ask me. Stuart dropped off a veggie lasagna he'd made and Susan brought an amazing salad. So amazing, I asked her to send me what she put in it so I could tell you!

She got the combination of ingredients from How To Cook Everything Vegetarian, which she said is an awesome book. And judging by the salad, I would have to agree.

Here you go:

-Mesclun greens (enough for 4 people)
-blueberries (about 1 cup)
-asiago cheese (crumbled)
-pistachios (i did 1/2 cup chopped)
-Braggs' vinaigrette dressing (maybe a bit LESS than a 1/4 cup or leave it up to the person after salad is tossed)


oh, friggin' yum.






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