324: hey baby, those are some nice pillows you got

melissa averinos

June 11, 2009

Do you remember a million years ago (or so) I mentioned that I sewed some Sugar Snap pillows?

Well, I decided to finally post them, dog hair and all.

You're right, I didn't just use Sugar Snap.  I threw in a little home dec stuff, some old school Amy Butler and Tanya Whelan dots.

I've found that a little dog fur (courtesy of Zeus) adds that homespun touch. That's an expert tip from me to you. You're welcome.

Aw, who's cute? Zeus is!

Perhaps you noticed the pair of thrifted afghans on the couch? Love the color combination on those.

Oh yeah, that reminds me. In the Studios feature, there was a flowery afghan on one of the shelves that I keep getting questions about:

No, I didn't make it. Thrifted, again. And no, it's not for sale--- sorry!  I don't know anything about how to make it. If you have any info or a pattern, please pipe up in the comments!

Here is a closeup, hope that helps!

I haven't been thrifting or yard sale-ing in a while. I miss it.


What are you up to?  Seen any good movies lately?

(warning! Links lead to automatic previews!) A few weeks ago, I watched What Happens In Vegas, which you would expect to suck, but it was actually very funny!

Tonight I am going to see The Hangover, which I've heard is hilarious. I must admit, I do like the ridiculous raunchy movies. Can't help it.

I also really wanna see The Year One. Hey, I've had a rough winter year few years, and I need all the laughs I can get.




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