319: invocation

melissa averinos

May 12, 2009


2 a.m... Can't sleep.

As always, thank you for the incredible love, vulnerability and comfort you shared with me in the comments. What a treasure.

The weekend went as well as it could.



I'd like to share a bit of  writing I did in January.

The task given: create an invocation to your muse. Ten minutes, no editing.


Invocation to my muse, my creative spark

Snowflake, sparkle, dream-

I see you scurrying from the light

dancing into the shadow.

But please, with my whole searching heart I ask you,

I invite you: stay with me now.

I will listen to your tinkling chimes

I will hear your purring and I will pet your soft belly to hear it ever louder.

Shimmer in the daylight, enchant me under the stars, entice me in the depths of my

blanket-muffled dreams.

I am your willing audience

Your most devoted scribe.

Stay with me my glimmer, my smirk and wink- I am yours.

I will plant each image in a bed of paint and glitter.

I will water them with sweat, giddy laughter, and yes- heartbreak.

I will tend to them with my inky, dirt-covered hands.

Come to me- I will take care of you.

Rest your head in my lap and I will tease stories from your hair.


Though I'm not always crazy about my own writing ( damn that inner critic! ), I love reading this invocation because it reminds me of how vital my creativity is to my wellbeing. How much a part of me it is- it's my spunk,  my hope.

I encourage you to give this exercise a try- post on your own blog or keep it for yourself, whatever feels good. You could even do a spontaneous one in the comments if you like -  single sentence or a tangle of paragraphs. But of course, no pressure. 


dang. now it's almost 3 a.m.

Getting up at 7 to walk for an hour with a friend. Trying to get back on track with working out. Gonna go to Trader Joe's to get some good food instead of living on bagels and Cap'n Crunch.

It's a start.

xo, m

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