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melissa averinos

April 14, 2009

So, um, I have some more news.

I'm writing a book!

It's sewing project book with Wiley, who published Anna Maria's Seams To Me.

And you know what's neat? The book I'm doing will be a companion  to another by a fellow fabric designer and blogger (and friend!) Sandi Henderson of Portabello Pixie!

(What's this about a companion book? That just means that the books are, so far, a 2-part series with similar formatting and they will come out at the same time. )

So, um, yeah. I will be writing the book this sping and summer, just as we have our first real season at the shop. I'm going to be a busy little bee!

I am super excited and a little bit scared!

I know I am going to grow and learn so much from this project. I am psyched to dive in!



Oh, P.S.

Thank you so much for the engagement enthusiasm!

No: no date set.

It won't be a regular wedding anyways. I'm not that kind of girl. No big poufy dress for me, no wedding magazines, no bridesmaids, no save-the-date. I'm not planning, not calling around checking dates. Just smiling to myself when I think about my future husband. Just enjoying being engaged and looking at my sparkly ring and saying fiance. That's enough for me right now.



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