313: light, gold, rainbow

melissa averinos

March 31, 2009


Thanks for all the magazine love, yo. You guys are the sweetest.

Oh my god, I am so  full. Just got home from dinner from this great new restaurant on the Cape called Wicked. (website doesn't do it justice.) It's the kind of place I want to go next time I have something to celebrate. Like, maybe next week :o)

Watching American Idol and chillin' after a full day of working on my next fabric line. I am so psyched with how the designs and colorways are coming together!

Can you tolerate more thrift stuff? Am I getting boring?  I hope not.

Stuart wanted to pass these up, but for 5 bucks each, I couldn't let them go:

Behold, The Awesomeness:

Gorgeous decoupaged glass plate. You know, where the stuff is on the back of the plate? Of course, I even love how worn out it is. And the gold. Love the gold.

Pretty birdie:

Avon, baby! Milky glass, stylized design, gold eyes. Ah, jeez. Like I need more knick-knacks.

And this next score, yay! Did you have one of these like I did?

Now I have this and the barn. Just gotta find the treehouse. 






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