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melissa averinos

March 30, 2009

Pssst! Wanna see my magazine feature?

My studio on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS magazine:

The 4 page spread:


Elsewhere, Sugar Snap makes an appearance. They used a desk in my shop as a backdrop for some product shots they needed for a column:

My shop on Cape Cod, Yummy Goods:

Not all of my pictures made it into the feature, like this 'before' shot of the studio in the back of the shop:

If you haven't seen it already, you can read the full 'before and during' post.

Here's the 'after' view of that back wall:

The bulletin boards: plain brown ones from Staples that I covered in my Tendril prints.

Next to a piece of found art, a rusty garden urn holds well-used paintbrushes:

Love that piece of wood I found in the garage. Love it.

Worktable, the display area under the glass:

A timeworn wicker rocking chair ($5!) draped with vintage patchwork is my go-to spot for a quick snack between customers:

The fabric shelves:

Notice the sewing shrine at the top? Gorgeous old Singer found at the swap shop at the dump!

Aw, Snap:

Vintage enamel bowls are perfect for storing cut  fabric and supplies:

Scored at yard sales and thrift stores, rusty muffin tins store and display semiprecious gemstone beads:

(Which reminds me, I want to make myself some giant ornate necklaces soon.)

The computer desk:

Thrifted glass urn ($4!) holds the fabric scraps I can't bear to part with.

Metal cabinet doors turned into magnet board:

See me and my sweetiepie? He's the best.

When your studio is featured, they request a picture of you in the space. I can't bear those awkward 'look-at-me-pretending-to-work-while-I'm-being-photographed' pictures, so I submitted this picture of me being silly:

Yes, that sweater again.

Favorite books and essential tools mingle with treasured knick-knacks on a wall of open shelving organized by color rather than reason:

For the photoshoot of the cover, they removed more than half of that stuff from the shelves! Clearly, they know what they are doing, because on the cover the shelves still look quite full.

Thrifted tins and tiny old doll make up a vignette a l'orange:

That's pretty much it!

Soon, I'll share some photos of things I've done in the studio since these pictures were taken.

Locals, I should have copies of the magazine for the shop by the end of this week! I will let you know when they arrive. If you aren't local, you can order it here.




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