307: oink

melissa averinos

March 6, 2009

hey, you guys.

spent all day in the studio yesterday.

i'm trying to get back on track with some exciting stuff i have going on. can't wait to share it with you when it's official!

i'm working on a bunch of design-y/illustration type things but yesterday i  mostly just played to loosen up. 

That's usually the work i like best- my weird, non-commercial doodley drawings:

just messing around with color and pattern, expressions. always experimenting.

nope, they're not 'pretty', but i love 'em.


oh, speaking of oink, i have been eating yucky (yummy, but makes-me-feel-yucky) food again and skipping workouts. gearing up to rededicate to the healthy things i do which help me feel strong, peaceful and creative.

yep, i am most creative when i am eating great and getting lots of cardio! i think it's working off the physical stress that allows the ideas to flow. plus the peace i feel when i eat well allows me to do work without judging it- which is essential.

they can't all be gems.

today i'm off to an estate sale followed by a power walk with a friend. then to the studio. if i get any goodies or make any, i'll show you .

xo, m

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