298: new fabric, kind of

melissa averinos

January 16, 2009

I keep meaning to show you a couple of things.

When I was doing the first round of ordering for my shop, I got a catalog for The Gift Wrap Company because I wanted some of Amy Butler's green gift bags.

As I was perusing the offerings, I stumbled onto this:

A design I had sold through a third party a few years ago! They have a whole line of products made out of this little love-turtle! Of course, I ordered some for the shop :o)

It's so funny, selling designs like that. You don't know who they sell to, or if they ever get used. The agents seem to like to keep that info to themselves, maybe so the artist won't try to sell to the company directly? I did have one agent who let me know about those designs (here and here) being sold to Victoria's Secret a couple years ago, so that was cool. 

Just in the last few weeks, I found another one of my designs, one of my old favorites- on fabric, no less! So, if you have a jones for some new fabric designed by me, well, here you go:

The fabric company that bought it is Robert Kaufman.

I love this print and am so psyched it's on fabric! I need to get some.

You can get it at Above All Fabric on etsy. If anyone else is selling it, let me know and I will add it to the post.

And if you make anything with it, please send me pictures!

xo, m

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