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melissa averinos

December 30, 2008

Where were we?

Oh, right. Walking the dogs on Christmas Day.

Right near our house is this long dirt (or mud)  road that leads to a marsh. We suspected there were hunters further up toward the marsh, so we didn't go all the way to the end this time.

I'll get some good shots of the marsh for you sometime, though. Marsh, marsh, marsh.

Isn't Zeus so handsome?:

That's a good boy.

There is just one house on  this road, and it is currently uninhabited. By people, anyways. The garage/barn was begging to be photographed, so I obliged.

I love this shot- the decaying shingles as a backdrop to the dried up queen anne's lace in the foreground, Riley Roo investigating the middle ground.

And this:

Doesn't the roofline look so odd without a board along the edge? Like toast with the crust cut off.

This reminds me of buildings in my childhood backyard:

Palaces for my imagination to roam.

Not only rust:

But a face! Do you see faces in every single thing like I do? I remember being a little kid and staring at the crackled paint on the ceiling above my bed. Every line carving a profile or sometimes a top hat.

Behind the garage, a red lawnmower subdued by time and rain, good for nothing but making my heart pitter patter at the rust and phrase:

I couldn't tell, maybe it was a chicken coop:

But the vines piercing the plywood and tarpaper spoke to me.

Taking photographs, for me, is finding art.

Like this assemblage:

It was there already, I just had to frame it with the lens. A collage just waiting to be appreciated.

Back to the walk.

 Riley emerged from the woods with burrs all over, which Stuart pulled off:

 And subsequently he was covered with burrs. What a sillyhead.

Ok, so I shouldn't have made us totally covered in shadows there, but oh well, right?

Like my neck thing?  It's a cowl I made last week- fleecey on the inside and mixed fabric on the outside. I wear it constantly. I want to make a whole wardrobe of them. In my head I call it a neck-y. Nekkie?

I don't make New Year's resolutions, so much as Intentions.

It is my intention this year to feel like this:

More on that soon.



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