281: om my aching body

melissa averinos

November 21, 2008

I am finally getting back to my yoga practice after months of avoiding the mat.

Yesterday I went to a friend's class and it was lovely. Today I am quite sore. As much of a drag as it is to have lost much of my flexibility and strength, it is a good in a way, too.  Gives me a chance to practice perseverance, patience, nonattachment, humility. I didn't say it's pleasant, I said it's good.

A while ago I created some designs to screenprint on yoga pants, camisoles and tees for the shop.

The print is a collage of traditional henna mendhi designs, vintage illustrations, and some original elements.

The pants are selling like crazy! It's hard to tell from the picture, but the print is on the the outer side of the lower right leg. One has the purple ink on black and the other is turquoise on brown. I love these pants. I'll have to grab a picture of one of the camisoles for you- it has a different design.

I am going to do a whole series of these. If you read  the article  posted about me on Confessions of a Craft Addict, then you know I have the technology. Well, at least access to the technology.


I haven't been posting as much because I have been putting lots of time into creating my studio in the back of the shop. It is coming out awesome. I was contacted recently about having my studio featured in a magazine- deadline December 1! At the time it was pretty much a storage space- so I am thankful for the ass-kicking! Pictures to come, I promise!




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