280: a few things and a promise

melissa averinos

November 17, 2008

oh dear.

I kept meaning to tell you about the Sugar Snap quilt  that was being given away by Dana of  Old Red Barn Co. I am on here now to do so, only I just looked and the entries closed a couple of hours ago. I'm so sorry! But you probably are already one of the almost 2000 entrants, right? No, no, all those entries weren't just for a Sugar Snap quilt. She is giving away three quilts!That Dana, she can rock a giveaway, boy.

You can still win a Sugar Snap charm pack from a different blogger, though. Jillian chooses a winner Wednesday November 19th, so head over to LainieJane and enter her contest!

The gals from Trendy Textiles are having a Sugar Snap launch on etsy starting tomorrow, November 18th! You just type in "teamtrendytextiles" into the etsy search box and it will bring up everything with their tag. Starting tomorrow, the designers will start uploading what they have made with Sugar Snap. If anyone has a more eloquent or informative explanation of this, please pipe up in the comments!

 And now for something completely unrelated.

As promised, David Butler (yes, Amy's husband), drinking an ibeer:

He's getting ready...




Those Butlers, they love their beer.



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