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melissa averinos

November 9, 2008

Hey, check it out!

I stopped in at my local quilt shop (Tumbleweed) and they had received Sugar Snap! It is awesome to see it in a store, wow.

They have it close to the front of the shop, all on its own. My Sugar Snap!

This weekend there was a quilter's retreat in town and a handful of the ladies came by Yummy Goods- some  of them had just been to Tumbleweed and bought my fabric!

I love being at  my shop. I am meeting such lovely women. And a couple of great men, too!

Oh yeah, last week I finally did something I have been dying to do:

I put Sugar Snap in frames! (That's in the living room, not the shop. Same paint color.) It is such a comfort to look up and see them. 



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