275: me and miss amy

melissa averinos

November 4, 2008

Hey, how are you?

You've been quiet and I've been  sensitive. I'm also a little stressed because  I am working on some tight deadlines.

I have some very exciting new things in the works! I'll share them the more real they get, ok?

But where were we?

Oh, yes. Thursday evening, 7:30.

The lovely Miss Amy Butler. I suppose she's really Mrs. Amy Butler or perhaps Ms.

Talented, successful, beautiful Amy. Classically pretty and stylish. Six feet tall and blonde, even. Slender.  Droolworthy wardrobe.

All this, and I still like her?

Yep. She's so lovable!

I had chatted with Amy a bit at Spring Market, and we'd emailed some since. But we hadn't really had any one-on-one time with each other until we went to dinner, which we'd been planning to do since the spring.

I am continually impressed by how genuine she is, how concerned about other people, how sweet.

For me, her talent is secondary. Sure, she's the celebrity-of-our-industry, a design powerhouse with an international following. But someone could be crazy-talented, successful and famous and still be someone I wouldn't want to spend any time with, you know?

She is a really good person.

And her husband David is a love, too. As tall -or taller-  than Amy, funny and  handsome to boot.

Regrettably, I didn't get that much of a chance to talk with her dad, Devil Don (as Amy kept calling him), but he was kind and warm.

Amy and I fell into an easy back and forth and Devil Don and David were keeping each other company.

A little tentative at first, but growing more comfortable as the night progressed, we talked about... oh man, what did we talk about? Well, shoes and clothes, to start! Yoga and fitness,  food. You know, the basics!

Amy got a chicken sandwich which came with these super yummy french fry things which we all helped her with. Upon David's reccomendation, I got a super simple and yummy pasta dish with marinara. He said the sauce was incredible and it was! Of course, the company was even better.


After hugs goodbye and a cab ride to my hotel  it was time for bed with a happy belly and full heart.Luckily this was just the beginning  of Market, so that isn't the end of my time with the lovely Miss Amy!

Next up, schoolhouse!

xo, m

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