240: stay tuned

melissa averinos

August 2, 2008


And now I get to reveal the whole line!

It will take me a little while to pull it together to show you, so please give me a week or two.

You know, it's out of my hands at this point. I did the designs, worked out the colorways, babied them through to production time. Now I send them out into the world and hope that they do well, hope that they remember to look both ways and say please and thank you. I hope people find them beautiful and unique. I hope people are kind to them.

It's not in my hands anymore, it's in yours. If Sugar Snap does well, it will be because you love it. It will be because you ask for it and  buy it and use it and tell people about it. I absolutely cannot wait to see what you will make with Sugar Snap!

Thank you in advance for helping to make my dreams come true.

xo, m

p.s. awesome coo coo news next time!


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