236: dizzy

melissa averinos

July 26, 2008

hey , thanks for all of the recipes! I'll ask my sister which one she tries and get the details.
You guys are awesome.

Today I spent a few hours at the beach for the first time this summer. And it's almost August! Yipes. First, we tried to get into Sandy Neck (which you may recall is inappropriately named) . I was happy that the lot was full because it's on the north side of the Cape where the water is freezing! So we went to Dowses Beach (home of the best rust ever) and the water was so warm. It was dreamy. I probably stayed in for 45 minutes just flipping around, floating, doing watery handstands, smiling.

I am sleepy from all the sun, so how about some pictures from one of my visits to Madelyn's?

I can relate.

xo, m

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