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melissa averinos

July 15, 2008

Hey, I'm back.

Went to Providence for the weekend. I hung out with Madelyn and her friends Kath and Norma, danced in the streets (literally), bought some art supplies and thrifty stuff, ate yummy food.

Friday night, The Best Grilled Cheese of My Life was consumed at The Red Fez, a very hip, dimly lit restaurant that was playing Nick Cave and Depeche Mode. After dinner, Maddie and I went to Whole Foods to get dessert. We decided on a giant peanut butter cupcake and a mini raspberry pie. But when we got home we were still too full from the crack-laced grilled cheese and french fries, that all we could do was lay on the couch and watch Flight of the Conchords. 

Saturday night, we partook of the finale of  Providence Sound Session, a week-long music festival that culminates in a parade from Water Place Park to Westminster  (!)  Street, where there are a few different stages set up- music everywhere. It was awesome, as it was last year. My favorite part is the What Cheer? Brigade, a kooky marching band (way cooler than it sounds). We joined in the parade behind them  I got a chance to bust out my shimmy, which was a treat. Live drumming always wakes up the shimmy. I didn't take pictures because I had to choose between blogging and dancing, and I really needed to dance. I haven't been getting enough exercise and I have been stressed, so the dancing was a great release. Plus, Maddie and I did our usual laughing like hyenas, and that was good medicine.

Toward the end of the night I leaned over and said, "Hey Maddie, you know what we're gonna do when we get home? We are going to wreck that cupcake from last night."

Sunday, we had waffles and mimosas in Kath's garden, which was just lovely.

St. Francis:

Kath's yard had some delicious textures:

I was really happy that I brought my camera.

mmmm. nummy.

An old bike becomes a garden ornament:



Kath has chickens!

The front yard is incredible - all garden. Even the little strip of grass on the other side of the sidewalk:

I bet all the runners in her neighborhood look forward to passing by her house. I know I would!


Maddie gave me some prayer flags for my birthday. Seeing Kath's made me itch to put mine up!

Actually, now I am itching to make some. Spiritual Bunting. 

I just love this with the blue sky:

And sunflowers!

Ahhhh. Isn't that, like, the essence of happiness?

After brunch, Kath, a lifelong seamstress,  let me forage for sewing supplies in her basement. (Thanks, Kath!) You will not even believe what I have to show you! I need a sunny day so I can take pictures. Prepare yourself.

I like Kath so much I told her that on my next visit, I want her hands all over my naked body.

She's a massage therapist.


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