222: sampling the sampler

melissa averinos

Mornin', loves!

I really like blogging, can you tell?  I look forward to it. I am short on time again today, though, so it'll be a quick one.

Ok, Boston. Craft Magazine Party.
My killer goodie bag from The Sampler.

Some crafty supplies:

Yeah, baby! Sparkley gluey stuff, pink crystals! Unicorn embroidery patterns from  Sublime Stitching!

Be still, my eighties-lovin' heart! (Do a girl a favor and pretend that you don't notice  how bad the lawn looks, mmkay?)

Super clean-and-fresh-smelling powder laundry soap:


From Botanical Earth. Oh, bummer. I just looked them up to link, but their site is down and it says they are  closed. They hope to reopen in July, so I am linking anyway, in hopes that they do.

From Paloma's Nest: 

Ooooh, a  stamped brown box-I  love it already.

And inside: 

A sweet (stamped!) little  ceramic dish. Wait a minute, what's that on there?

That's right, a bee! Yay!

There were a few other items, too, but this was the bulk of it. Isn't it awesome? Makes me  want to get a Sampler every  month!

I hate to tell you this, but I didn't take any pictures at the actual event.
I was too busy making yoyos: 

 like to pretend that Alison (the new boss of The Sampler) insisted that I take these buttons and circles of fabric home. But it was more like she allowed me to, since I wanted them so bad. Tee hee.

I had been wanting to learn how to make these for ages- it is so easy! I want to make a million of them. Perfect little  craft for the couch.

It occurred to me as I was sitting there in Greenward making these: Someday soon, I will be making yoyos with my own fabric!

If you are in the Boston area,  I hope you will stop by the Boston  Handmade Marketplace in  Somerville tomorrow! I'll bethere at Madelyn Macedo's booth. (I am talking to you, Tracey.)

Off to  work   now,  friends. I'll be back   soon.

xo, m 

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