220: super scrappy lemon waffle with mint

melissa averinos

June 25, 2008

I finished my Lemony Snippet quilt top the other day.

I love it.

Monday night I whipped together a less complicated (but still superscrappy) back. But then I thought, hmm, should I have this be two tops and do plain backs? I'm still waffling. (sorry no pics of the back yet)

The last couple of nights, I have been working on a greenie one.  I am not loving it as much as this one - I think I need more mid-range green. I have equal parts yellowy-green, medium green and darker green. I think what makes Lemony Snippet so harmonious is the prevalence of light-medium yellow, even though I hardly notice it when I look at it. It allows the other colors to pop and shine and makes the whole thing work. I've been taking pictures as I sew, so I'll show you what I mean about the green one soon. I am going to get some more medium greens and see if I can make it sing.


Lemony Snippet in the mint patch with old rake. 


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