218: science fiction flower

melissa averinos

June 21, 2008

I promised myself that I would document my garden this year and I am a bit behind!

A couple of weeks ago it was all irises all the time:

The dianthus had just popped:

Now the irises are pretty much done and the nepeta is in full bloom. The tigerlilies sent up their stems and the blooms will be open just in time for my birthday!
In the front yard, looking across the street to the cemetery:

The beautiful flower with the unfortunate name:

Columbine. Why don't we call it by it's latin name, aquilegia? There, that's better.

These flowers look like aliens:

Maybe it should be called Science Fiction Flower. 

I can  never resist the perfection of clover leaves:


Any time I see a lush bunch of patch of these,  I must spend at least a minute looking four a four-leafed clover!
And anytime the sun comes out while it's raining or just after, I rush outside: Oooh! Maybe I'll see a rainbow!! 

In the back garden:

Painted daisies, in front of the desperately-in-need-of-painting house:

This, I love:

I showed that old garden fencing a while ago, rolled up. This part that I'm showing you is where someone had joined two pieces together- the rust is awesome.
I needed something to keep the (damn) dogs away from some annuals so I put it to use.  

Good boy. 

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