216: meetmeatthespacebar

melissa averinos

June 19, 2008

I like it  better when I post everyday.

Where have  I been?
Um, you  know, in the bathroom crying  a  bit. Followed by  Haagen Daz and potato chips for dinner.

You know I like to keep it real,but I think it  would be mind-numbingly boring for you if I really  kept you  up to date on all that happens up in here! I know I'm bored with it!

And another thing that has been keeping me away: thedamnspacebaron thelaptopisn'tworking! Ihave to gobackovereachsentence and poundon the space bartogetittowork.Letme tellyouthatisapain intheass.

New  laptop on order anyways (t0 accommodate the new version of my design program), but in the meantime, ugh. I need to get some canned air to blow out this keyboard. See? See how boring it is around here?

Bah. How about some pretty fabric photos? 

Some Joel Dewberry, his new home dec weight Ginseng line:  

I think we are going to use that pink orchid print to recover the seats on the dining room chairs. (The 'dining room' is just part of the living room, just so you know.)

I'm lovin' my Lemony Snippet quilt top so  much, that it inspired me to start a tote:

And the other side: 

Not sure what the lining will be yet. 

Maybe one of these prints from Tina Givens's Annabella collection:

I am behind on emails and sending out gifties. Please forgive me. And if you are a person who comments regularly, you know I usually like to respond to each comment and I am behind on that, too.

Your comments keep me company.
I must admit, I get a little pouty when  I don't hear from you! That might be a little pathetic, I  know. Oh, well. Maybe someday I'll be one of those bloggers who can post a photo of their cat's ass and have hundreds of comments. But for now I know I have to work for it and  I treasure each and every one! Has someone made a tee shirt yet that says "Will Blog For Comments" ? Because if they haven't, they should.

So  there. I am showing you my needy side.  It's not pretty! I am tempted to erase all of  that, but I won't. Just promise not to think less of me. I try so hard not to be a comment-whore.

And now I will attempt to bribe you into liking me by showing fabric that is destined for your hands.

That's right, future giveaway booty: 

Anna Maria's Garden Party, baby.


I missed you.


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