213: old shoes and crafty events

melissa averinos

June 14, 2008


Look at what my honey found when he was tearing apart the front porch last year:

Our house is old. I wonder how old this shoe is.
What happened to the other one? I wonder how long the owner held onto its mate, hoping this one would turn up. I keep stray socks for years hoping to reunite them with their partners. Sometimes I do actually find a sock that has been missing and it makes me all happy inside.

Who wore this shoe? Were they excited when they brought them home from the store like I am when I get new shoes? Did  the owner of this shoe say to their  partner,"Honey, look at my cute new shoes! Aren't they so cute?" the way I do when I get new shoes? 

How much did they cost? Were they comfortable? 

When I was in high school some friends of mine rented a video that was supposed to be a past life regression meditation.The only thing I remember about it was that they had you close your eyes and imagine you were looking down at your shoes, and  the kind of shoes they were would give you an idea of the time and place you were in. (do you remember this, Erica?) It never worked  for me. I'm not that great at suspending disbelief, I guess.

Now I'm all thinking of all the shoes I've worn.

My first pair of "cool"shoes that I bought in ninth grade at Hubba Hubba in Boston: pointy-toed black leather ankle booties with six straps going across that buckled on the side. Sort  of a vampirish elf boot. I still have them. I  still love them.

In high school I had such shoe envy.The girls with doctors for fathers always had so many cool expensive shoes.
And tights. Patterned tights were the thing with the  art girls. I still have my many different pairs of striped ones. It's probably time to let those go, as I only wear them once a year, at most. I did have the best black spiderweb stockings with a seam up the back of the leg. I think I got those when I got the buckle boots.

Wow, this is really boring. Sorry.


Anyone local to Boston? On June 21st, I will be attending the Craft Magazine party with the lovely and talented Karen of Simply June.

Let me know if you'll be going!

I'll also be assisting my dear friend Madelyn at the Boston Handmade Marketplace on June 28 in Somerville.
There are some great vendors at that event.  Can't wait to meet Mimi Kirchner and see her work in person! I really want one of  her sepia pirate guys:

I wouldn't turn down one of these bathing beauties, either:

will be

She is killin'me with these guys. 

I am always favoriting  Ashley Anna Brown's photos on her flickr stream , and was delighted to see that she will be selling at the Boston Handmade event. I am  looking forward to cuddling with her little handmade animals.

Twigs and  Heather will be there and I will have to resist spending $250 on a silver twig  necklace.

By the way, my birthday is coming up.


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