203: what about prom, blaine? What about prom?

melissa averinos

May 31, 2008

Did I ever tell you that my honey has 3 kids? 

Zach is 11, Camille is 15, and Meredith just turned 17. They live with us on the weekends and come over on Wednesday nights. We've all been living together for almost 7 years now. Last night, my honey and I went to the kids' mom's house to take pictures of Meredith as she got ready for the prom. The freaking prom! I met her when she was ten and now she has a car and is going to the prom.

In case you're wondering, I get along very well with Bonnie, the kids' mom. Her whole family was there and I get along great with them, too, which is a good thing because I was all up in everyone's grill as I snapped away with my new Nikon D40. (got it just before market, woo!)

Mem, as we call her, was just hanging out in her pj's when we got there:

I love the contrast between the reality of the  teenager  and the fantasy of  the prom.

I  really don't like posed shots, so I just kept taking tons of pictures, hoping some of them would be good. This looks posed, but actually wasn't! 

Ok, fine, a posed one now:

I felt so bad for her date, Ryan, having to withstand all of the fussing and picture-taking in front of the whole fam damily! He handled it well, though, poor thing.  

I like this one a lot:

When I saw Ryan heading for the passenger door , I scrambled to get to  the back of the car  and got this shot:

And here's my honey:

Dad had to give her a kiss on the cheek before they drove away.

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