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May 22, 2008


I had better hurry up and finish my market report before I forget stuff!

(the links take you right to people's Market posts if they have them)

Let's see, Friday... 

First I had a little meet-up planned with Amy Schimler of Red Fish Circle. She is so cute! Is it weird for me to say that and follow it by saying that I think we look alike? We really do have similar features. Plus she has great style. So we have that in common. Ahem.

 After having emailed back and forth over the last few months, it was awesome to finally meet Amy in person. I love her work and she just was a really warm and engaging person. She is so cool. And isn't her fabric just  great?

While I was standing there in the lobby chatting with Amy and her husband Charlie, I had the bonus of meeting the adorable Lizzie House and her mom Cherri House of Cherry House Quilts, and  Julie and Eric Comstock of CosmoCricket . I know I keep saying that everyone was wonderful and lovely, but they just really were! I am so grateful that I found my way into this business - the people are amazing.

Some quilts from Kaffe's booth:

Most of Friday I just walked the show on my own, checking out the other fabric companies, pattern-makers and publishers. Over the course of the day, I kept bumping into and chatting with some wonderful women of the ebay boutique world that I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit, thanks to new designer for Michael Miller, Patty Young of modkid . (wow, that was a long sentence.)


Many of them were at the fabric 2.0 party the night before, so seeing them repeatedly around the place gave us more of an opportunity to connect. Check out these ladies I met:  Eva from Fresh and Vintage, Jona from Fabritopia, Chelsea from Vintage Chic Boutique, Myrinda from Fabric Hound, and Jen from Fabric Bliss who had her adorable and sweet husband Michael with  her.  ( I will add to this list as I remember everyone! Please forgive me!)

Another group I kept seeing was Daria from Boutique Cafe  along with her assistants Megan from Brassy Apple  and Amelia from Intimate Photography (that last link takes you to some of the best Amy Butler photos I've seen.) They were telling me a bit about some of the interviews they still had left to do when Patty said, "You haven't interviewed Melissa yet!"  I swear if we were on a sitcom the girls would have elbowed Patty in the ribs. (Laugh track)

Details of Tanya Whelan's booth:

Isn't that just so beautiful?

I visited her booth a lot. 
Exhausted and still sick, I just wanted to curl up on this bed of pillows! 

After the show, Jeff P. ( I will now call the Sales Manager Jeff P. to differentiate him from Jeff H., Anna's husband!) and I  wanted to go to Bolt for the meet and greet with Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt which was from 5-7 pm. By the time we ( Leann was with us , too) finally arrived though,  it was exactly 7! Heather and Denyse were still around with  a good handful of people , including Heather Bailey, Anna Maria and Jeff H.

I perused the fabric boutique and selected some Kokka - yum! 
I didn't learn till the next day that Heather R. designs for them in addition to Westminster! ( Thanks Lizzie! )

I just could not resist this print:

or this one:

Megan and Leisl's mom. Such sweet people. Wow.

Having barely eaten a thing all day, Jeff P., Leann and I decided to head out to dinner and Anna, Jeff H., and Heather B. joined us. Turns out that GPS works great when you have the correct name of the restaurant. Not so much when you are just a letter off. So there I was being driven around in the back of a rented caravan with Leann, Anna and her husband in the next row, Jeff P. driving and Heather B. riding shotgun. Eventually, we pulled over in the residential area that so clearly was not where we were going to find the restaurant we were looking for. (that was a bad sentence, but I am too tired to fix it. These posts take a wicked long time.)

I was sitting there looking out the window at a basketball court where a man was practicing tai chi. I said it out loud, "I am in this city alone, lost in this van with all of these people that I just met, watching this guy practice tai chi." 

Jeff H. said, "I know, isn't it great?" (or something  to that effect)

Smiling, I said, "Yeah. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."
xo, m

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