195: QM Thursday - day and night

melissa averinos

May 21, 2008

More Market report.
Thursday lunchtime till bedtime:

I had emailed Amy Butler to introduce myself shortly before Market. She was just a doll, telling me she'd keep on the lookout for me and not to be nervous, that everyone was so welcoming.

Around lunchtime on Thursday, I was sitting with Sarah and Leann from the Westminster office, and  in the next aisle over I saw Amy walking toward her booth with her husband. She had already passed us but turned back for just a second and  I shyly waved, not quite sure if she was even looking at me. She stopped immediately and turned  around, "Is that you, Miss Melissa? Miss Yummy Goods?" I got up to meet her halfway where she gave me a big hug and introduced me to David. What a sweetheart. So warm and generous.


Amy went  out of her way to make me feel comfortable and cared for. Each time I saw her, she would ask me if I was feeling any better and tell me I looked great.


Amy's office manager Diane was just lovely and friendly as well, inviting me to return to the booth and keep her company when Amy had other engagements.

I went to Amy's Schoolhouse - standing room only! (A Schoolhouse is a 15 minute show and tell, essentially.) I also attended presentations  by Erin McMorris, Heather Bailey, and Anna Maria Horner.  It is kind of hard to believe that I will be doing a Schoolhouse at the Fall Market!

At 5:00 it was time for Fabric 2.0 - a bloggers party, which you can read about ( and see pictures of) at JCaroline Creative. I grabbed a cab from the convention center with Sandi Henderson and Shawn and Masha (Marsha?) from Michael Miller Fabrics. After mingling, posing for pictures and eating appetizers at Oba, I caught a ride with Heather B. back to our hotel for the Westminster party at 7.

( Just so you know, I was thinking about adding a new blog category called Name Drop Soup just to tag these Market posts. )

One of the most surprising and wonderful things about my experience at Market was getting to know my new friend Jeff, the Sales Manager for Westminster Fibers.   We had some great phone chats back in the fall, so I was looking forward to meeting him in person. I had talked with him a  few times earlier in the day, but sitting together at the party allowed us some time to really talk and we became fast friends.

About mid-evening,  Jeff invited each of the designers with new collections to come to the front of the banquet room and talk about the inspiration for their new lines. This was such a treat! I kept looking around the room: Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt...Tanya Whelan, Jennifer Paganelli,Valori Wells, Erin McMorris...... Anna Maria, Heather Bailey, Tina Givens, .... Joel Dewberry, Donna DewberryVerna Mosquera, Heather Ross... and... me? Actually, the weirdest thing about it was that it hardly felt weird at all. But maybe that's just because I was so sick; I didn't have enough energy to be nervous with!

After listening to the wonderful stories behind the new fabric lines, Jeff and I grabbed some of the yummy food and sat down for more talking until it was time for me to head off to bed, exhausted but happy.

More booth photos and tales of dinners and parties next time!

xo, m

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