192: home from the city of roses

melissa averinos

May 19, 2008

Ahhhh.....It feels so good to be home.  I arrived home from Quilt Market last night.

Remember how before I left I was fighting a bad sore throat? Well, it didn't get any better in time for the trip and of course, travelling from Cape Cod to Oregon didn't help! I had a miserable cold  the whole time.  So when you see pictures of me out in blogland, just remember that I was a sick puppy.

I jumped right back into a full workweek at my day job today, so I am still in  need of resting up.  I'll just start off my market report with some simple shots of things that made me smile every day as I was walking from the hotel to the Oregon Convention Center.

 I was enchanted by this house with its giant rhododendron:

I don't love the foliage of rhododendrons, as you may recall, but I do love when they are in bloom.

Look at those crazy giant clusters! I just marveled at it every morning.

This is the little garage that goes with the house:

 don't know what kind of tree that is behind it, do you? It was huge!
The whether was unusually wonderful for Portland! It was so warm.  And sunny! What a treat that was.

Some mossy shadowy stairs that I loved: 

Ok, ok.  A couple of shots of the show:

In the fall, my name will be on one of those banners!

The Westminster Fibers booth is huge.

It includes tons of sales tables and is backed by (and somewhat faced with) the individual booths of many of the Rowan/Free Spirit Designers. (I have a bunch of pictures of those to show you later.)



Next time I will show a bunch of booth pictures. I hope you won't be too disappointed that I didn't get many shots of the designers.  When we were all together we were too busy socializing!

It was fun getting a chance to meet everyone and see how the whole trade show thing works. Of course, I would have preferred to be healthy for it. Next time I will shop for cute outfits well in advance so I don't get so run-down right before the show!

More to come. 

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