191: win love key

melissa averinos

May 12, 2008

God morning,

ha ha I just realized I typed God morning!  I am going to leave it because I think it's funny.


Good morning to you. I am trying to quickly heal a sore throat and fever situation before I leave for Quilt Market ! Drat! I think it was the marathon of shopping that did me in.

For today, just a few more images from The Game Of Happiness that I love so much:


And when you overcome a 'hang-up for love,' you 'win love key':


I leave for Oregon on Wednesday! I am  excited about meeting everyone and getting a feel for the industry.
I will  be reporting back with every detail I can remember.

In the meantime, I am taking good care of myself so I can heal this sore throat.


Yay, I love pink.

xo, mba 

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