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May 5, 2008

We finally decided on a new color for the living room. Yes, we have been living with the walls just primed for a month or more!

When we moved in, (after scraping off the seventies wallpaper and repairing the walls) we painted it a warm mocha brown which we loved. But this room gets very little light, and it was just too dark and gloomy during the day. Cozy and warm at night, but still really dark. And kinda, well, serious and traditional.

At first, we thought we would go super-light. Like maybe even (gasp!) white or ivory. But we wanted something that would contrast more with the white trim. We live in an old house and the window casings are really nice, so we wanted to highlight them. So then we thought we would do something that was very light with some color in it, for the contrast. Of course, the problem with that is that very light+some color= pastel. And that wasn't gonna do it for us. 

We finally realized that it was the boring-ness that bothered us more than the darkness of the room. So then we thought we would do more of a deep color, just not dark. The only color that I could imagine painting it was pink! I was open to other suggestions, but nothing was really thrilling to me.

My honey said he didn't want a pink living room but after looking at our mountain of paint chips, he agreed that it would look good and we settled on a brownish pink. You know, good contrast, not too "pink!"

As we were about to leave for the Depot, he grabbed another chip out of the pile.

Him : How about this one?

Me: Really?!

Him: Yeah, what do you think?

Me: Are you kidding?! I love it. It's perfect! Are you sure?

Him:  Yeah, why not? It has a good name. "Cheery."

I love that guy. 

So, what color is it?
Well, let's just say that it makes the kitchen look tame.


At the depot, getting the paint mixed:

Me: Honey, I thought you didn't want a pink living room.

Him: Well, it's more of a red.

Me: Ok, honey. If it helps you sleep at night, it's red.

Befores, Way Befores and Afters to come. 

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