184: rust play

melissa averinos

May 1, 2008

Is anyone going to Art and Soul in Virginia this weekend?
My sister is. A couple of months ago she told me that she is taking the Michael DeMeng workshop - that's the fella who wrote  The Secrets of Rusty Things .
She said she didn't have any materials to bring for the project.  I guess some people don't have little boxes full of weird little bits and bobs, banker's boxes not labelled 'Taxes 2007,' but 'Rusty.' You know how I love rust.
Krissi, I got your back.
Half an hour of foraging in my workroom and here you go:

That little bit there in the front, to the right of the blue beads? That is a bit that flaked off of my awesome rusty watering can.

 So I'm playing around with the rusty bits... Do you see what I saw in that one above?

Do you see that perfect profile there on the right? Reminds me of the closing credits of Lemony Snicket.
(Sorry, Krit. You know I had to keep this one. )

She's a bird nerd, so parted with some of my favorite little birdie bits.

And amethyst is her birthstone, so you know...

More rust play:

And if you've visited yummygoods more than once, you know I'm not the only one around here who likes to play:

Here you go, Kritter. 


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