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April 28, 2008

Here she is, my Sugar Snap!

Yeah, I know, enough selvedge already!

Of course  I can't reveal everything, but I can give you a good shot of these since you've already seen the print version:

And here, let me wrangle up a couple of peeks: 

(Note to Self: don't wait till the last day to take pictures, because the last day may be gray and your pictures might not look the way you like them to. hmmph) 


Sugar Snap will be available in August. That's just a few months away, so start brainstorming! I can't wait to see what you will make with these prints! Can. Not. Wait!

Oh, and remember that other project I mentioned  I was working on with Free Spirit?
Well, I am pleased to announce that Free Spirit Fabric now has a blog! (Banner and buttons designed by yours truly!)
We are still working a few things out, but you could head on over and subscribe and say hi, if you like! You know, after you say hi to me.

Thanks for all the love yesterday.

xo, mba 

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