170: pony music

melissa averinos

April 2, 2008

Good morning, friends.

I am hanging out in the corner seat of our couch, drinking my soymilk coffee and screwing around online. That's my version of reading the paper or watching the news- it's my morning routine. What's yours?

You may recognize this little fella from that blue basket of estate sale goodies:


My honey was like, Argh, what are you getting that for? But I managed to ignore him and get it anyways because I thought it was cute and comforting.

And it still plays music!

I still think about some of my treasured toys; I wonder how many people remember having this as a kid.


Look at the sweet face! 


What will I do with it? I think I will  hang it on the wall, eventually.

I have to admit, I worry that I bore you.


I didn't start off thinking that almost every post would be showing off my secondhand finds, but that is how it has played out. I just go with it because I enjoy it, and --heck-- it is my blog after all and I can do whatever I want, right? But I do still wonder whether you are disappointed that I am not showing magazine-worthy spreads of my home and projects etc. I sometimes wonder whether I should post less often. 

Oh yeah,then I feel silly for even giving all of this any thought at all! Ah, well.

Hey, I thought of another weird thing about me:
8. My eyes are not brown or blue, or green. And no, they aren't hazel either.


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