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melissa averinos

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March 28, 2008

When I  decided to pursue designing for commercial applications, I started out with tabletop.

I'll explain more later about how I got into that, but for now, I just wanted to show you a few samples that were made by Zrike a few years ago:

Can you see the bees on the strawberry vase?

You know that this one ended up being produced for Calyx Flowers:

I hope you can tell that these are not my photographs! They were sent from the factory.

Pumpkin vase:

And gravy boat! 

I don't even like gravy, but, man I wanted this gravy boat!  

Here is one of the handpainted designs  for a pasta set:

And here is the sample set:

Yep, ice cream bowls. And here is the set:

I wish the pictures were better. This is all I ever saw of them. I know, they're big for ice cream bowls- but I really like  ice cream.

My fave:


I was so disappointed that this one didn't get into production.I want one.

Maybe someday!

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