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melissa averinos

March 24, 2008


I found  this can at an estate sale. It was in the garage, filled with miscellaneous  hardware - nothing great - so I emptied it and added it to my pile.

Tee hee:


Some more golden things: 

I don't know if those are bakelite knife handles or not. I don't really know about collectibles, I just buy what I like if it's cheap enough. These knives were fifty cents each.That was cheap enough. 

I do have a collection of these beehive honey pots. I'll have to dig those out and display them together in the kitchen, now that it's done.

And I just loved the embroidery on this pillowcase:


How about this:


Could that really be what it looks like? 

Found another awesome leather bag: 


Thor likes it. 


Here endeth the daily installment of estate sale goodies. You can wake up now. 

My honey and I are taking ballroom dance lessons. We took a beginner's session last year and promptly forgot everything, so we are back in the same class this time around. It's so cool to learn a new way of being together- a whole new thing to share, a new way to communicate. And it's fun! 

I didn't grow up with dance, or any kind of physical activity for that matter. No sports, no ice skating, no skiing, no ballet. In my early twenties I studied Middle Eastern Dance ( commonly referred to as bellydance ) for a couple of years, and have taken a handful of African dance classes and about 3 adult beginner ballet classes.
Have any of you taken dance classes? Do you like to dance?

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