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melissa averinos

I finally photographed my collection of pottery made by friend  Madelyn Macedo.

I love being surrounded by her work. I know I have mentioned Madelyn before, but I can't remember, did I tell you that she was one of my art teachers in high school? ( I feel like I might have said this before, but I  looked back in my archives and couldn't find it. Please forgive me if I am repeating myself!) She was fresh out of college and I was 16 and we immediately connected. She only stayed at the school for a year, but we remained in touch and grew into lifelong friends.

You might remember some of these pieces from my kitchen redo. Here is that fez monkey sugar bowl we asked her to make for us:


Covered pitcher, mugs and serving platter:


Quartet of mugs:


I love the shapes and variations in size. She makes covered mugs, too, which are great for keeping your coffee warm and , as Maddie says, keeping cat paws out of your tea.

The colors are so soothing, and aren't her motifs awesome?

These are all high-fired stoneware with foodsafe glazes and iron oxide painted and incised designs. 


Of course, she has an etsy shop  -   Lucky Monkey!

The studio:


Most of these are planters with saucers- aren't they great? She makes hanging planters, too. I have some and I love them. Madelyn also is a sculptor and her home is amazing. Whenever I visit, I have to just walk around for a while and absorb it all. I have pictures- maybe that I will share those next time.

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