159: silhouettes, tins and Beatrix Kiddo

melissa averinos

March 16, 2008

And now for something completely different.

Not really.
Did I fake you?

More from yesterday's estate sale excursion:

When I saw these, I was sure I knew exactly what I would do with them: I would remove the pictures, paint the wood a glossy white, and use them to frame some swatches of my first strikeoffs ( not here yet, drat!)

But these silhouettes have enchanted me and I may have a hard time replacing them: 


Don't they look neat all close up like that?


Ah, we'll see.

This is cool, reminds me of a violin or cello with all the scrolly wooodwork:


It seems to be some kind of corner shelf, only the shelf part is long gone:


I love this neat old cardboard-y print thing:


So moody.


And with some great chippy textures. You know how I love that.


And a horsie:


Eeek, this is all looking quite dreary. How about a little color?


Oh, yes. Vintage Christmas ornaments.


Lots of pink!


Yummy candy colors. mmmm.

And how about some orange, my fave?


A cool covered tin!


Thor likes.


Even the lid is awesome and perfect all by itself: 


And oh man, when I saw another one? SCORE! 


It really couldn't be any cooler. I mean, unless it was filled with something crazy awesome. But it wasn't. Still.

The colors! The design!   The lid!


And of course, I had to see how they looked together.


Isn't it neat how similar they are?  And how gorgeous they look together?

Oh yeah, and the pie tins:


Table Talk pie tins!


And for some reason, I grabbed these funny little corn-husk dolls:


And then I set them up like a film still from Kill Bill: 


xo, more soon.

nope, I'm not done yet. 

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LOL at the estate sale version of Kill Bill. Animate that, stick it on Youtube and you'll be EVEN MORE FAMOUS! The tins are beautiful, just what I would have grabbed. I find that corner shelf thing really interesting, do you have any plans for it? I look forward to seeing the cool stuff you come up with. Now that we've seen your kitchen, you should do a house tour so we can see all your treasures in action! Thanks for sharing the photos of your super amazing scores!!!
Hehehe, love the tins and that corner finding thingies, lol. Went thrifting myself today found some awesome little lovelies, must start photographing and blogging my finds too. Oh and vintage purses...
You totally faked me. NOT. ;) Did I fake you by saying you faked me?

Oh, dear. Long week. Anyway, I LOVE the pie tins. They make me want to bake all day and hang pie tins on all of my walls, too.
I have a wicked idea for the dolls... name them after something you have an issue with and then set them on fire. Bet those babies go up in a nanosecond. Can I watch? :)
Tracey, bwahh hah ha famous, you kill me.I am so glad someone appreciates the Kill Bill thing. And yes, as more rooms get finished around here, I will bore you with pictures of them. You will regret encouraging me.

Kay, yes, you must.

Dammit, Julie- you DID fake me.

Mikko, you are so cute for a total pyro.

xo, more soon.

nope, I'm not done yet. 

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