158: ball trim, yo

melissa averinos

March 15, 2008

My honey and I went to two estate sales this morning and you will not believe the stuff we scored!
I have spent the last few hours photographing most of it.
You'll see, I had an assistant.

Some good old crafty books, and a cute dustpan:

I had the cat already:

Some cute trim ( love the packaging) :

And some cute appliques:

Smiling whales! 

Uh oh:

I rescued it before it went too far:

Flirtatious duck! You can practically hear her batting her eyelashes.

Some lovely embroidered linens:

And I'll tell you right now: I did not pay anywhere close to 12 bucks for these. 

Some doilies and lacey edged hankies:


Embroidered napkin:

Vintage tablecloth: 

Some Christmas-y linens:

Some ball trim, yo:

And this piece of pink perfection right here: 


Can you believe it?

More soon.


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