151: All Occasion Assortment

melissa averinos

Thank you so much for your  enthusiasm for Sugar Snap!
What a treat it was for me to gobble up your  sweet comments. I think I'm going to print  out the pages  and display them on the fridge for a while - to let them really sink in.  I kinda still can't believe that I really have my own fabric line coming out!

The first day of March! I am positively aching for springtime. 

From today's estate sale haul:

These watercolors probably aren't usable; I just really liked the tin.
Have a look inside:
I wonder what images were painted with this set...
I was psyched to find this: 
A box of vintage cards!

No, they don't all have elephants on them.

I also scored a bunch of books, a glass cake stand and this gorgeous blankie:

It's in the wash right now, but as soon as it's dry, it will be wrapped around me.

Mmm, cocoa is sounding good right about now...

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