136: doodads, doodads

melissa averinos

February 3, 2008

oh. my. flippin. stars.

I am so annoyed right now! This is my third time trying to write this post today. Each time, I get halfway through and it gets lost. Plus I spent an hour correcting some photos in picasa, and now all the edits are lost. And my whole picasa database is somehow, suddenly, all jacked up. Oh and my Outlook isn't working either. I am running a bunch of  things to try and clear it all up, but that doesn't give me back the hours I lost today dealing with it all! Damn technical difficulties!


deep breath....

one more.....


I have been wanting to post tons of pictures so the freaky head vase will no longer be on my front page!  

I was flipping through some of my sketchbooks from the last couple of years and took some photos to show you. They aren't anything particularly special, just pages I like for whatever reason.

I love the  colors in this one above. The dots are stamped with a pencil eraser.

Some doodles:

The lettering says, "geeks, dorks, and other dreamboats." 

And I don't have any memory of what this is about, but it made me chuckle when I saw it:

Tee hee.

Sometimes I feel lumpy.  I am working out again, so that helps.

Some more  doodles:

I was working with a customer at my day job the other day and this guy would notsmile. I was killing him with kindness and he would just not crack a smile! It was driving me crazy!
He saw some post-it notes I had stuck to his paperwork, and of course there were doodles. He still wouldn't break from his intense stare, but he did say, "I like your doo-dads." I had never heard doodles referred to as doo-dads. Have you? 

Some  illustrate-y doodle-y paint-y experiments from last winter:

mmmm, cake.

And now some odd faces that I love:

I know.
I do some weird stuff.
Oh well.
I like it.

Here's one of my honey:

He is really cute.

Listening to the Juno Soundtrack and Yael Naim.

Oh, hey.
I went to the fabric store today and am putting together some little bits for a giveaway for you. Not sure if you're into that kind of thing.


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