118: yoga yum

melissa averinos

January 19, 2008

Last weekend I went off-Cape for one of my yoga training weekends. Saturday's topic was yoga philosophy, mantra and chant. The day ended with  an event called kirtan, which is  a kind of yoga-singing-prayer kind of a thing. It is really fun! It's a great way to pray- with other people and so joyfully.  My new cousin Liz is part of the group that came in to lead the singing, which I was just thrilled about.

Since I knew I would be seeing Liz, I made up a shirt for her in a design I thought she would like:


A fully set table and some chai and oatmeal to boot! That Liz. She knows how to do it up, man.

It is so inspiring to be around her. Every Sunday she does breakfast like this for herself! The cute dishes, the pretty garnish, the set table. All of  it. It is her special day to really rest and take care of herself. I just love that.

Thank you , Liz for taking such great care of me!

I love to be cooked for. It makes me feel so loved. 


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